What Voters Need To Know

Act I


Vivian Moreno has been in City government for a decade, but our communities are still being left behind. Under her watch, the cost of housing has skyrocketed and homelessness has exploded. People died on the streets. Big corporations have been releasing toxic chemicals into our neighborhoods, right near schools. 

Maybe that’s because Vivian Moreno doesn’t go to work. Instead of showing up to fight for us, she has taken time off from her taxpayer-funded job for political activities on 115 different days.


Act II

Vivian Moreno is a do-nothing, typical politician who has spent her time at the City enriching herself off taxpayer dollars while the problems in District 8 only got worse.  

Vivian Moreno has taken $18,000 in campaign contributions from lobbyists for big corporations and developers. Several of them were even lobbying her for city policies at the same time they donated to her campaign.

Vivian Moreno accepted thousands of dollars in gifts while working in city government, while also spending thousands of taxpayer dollars on trips and luxury hotels in Washington, DC, Las Vegas, and Mexico City.