We Support Antonio Martinez For City Council

I'm proud to begin this campaign with over 100 endorsements from community leaders and residents.  Thats how we win, with a grassroots campaign powered by the people.  You can add your name here.


San Diego County Democratic Party 

San Ysidro Teachers Association

San Diego City Fire Fighters

San Diego Police Officers Association

San Diego and Imperial Counties Labor Council

Planned Parenthood Action Fund of the Pacific Southwest

Deputy City Attorneys Association of San Diego

San Ysidro Classified School Employees Association

Southwest Regional Council of Carpenters, Local 619

United Association of Plumbers, Steamfitters and HVAC/R Local 230

Unite Here, Local 30

San Diego Working Families Council

Communications Workers of America, Local 9509

Juan Vargas, Congressman

Ben Hueso, State Senator

Lorena Gonzalez Fletcher, Assemblywoman

Chris Ward, San Diego City Councilman

Steve Padilla, Chula Vista City Councilman

Guadalupe Gonzalez, Trustee, San Diego County Board of Education

Alicia Munoz, Vice-President, San Diego County Board of Education

Rick Shea, President, San Diego County Board of Education

Serge Dedina, Mayor, Imperial Beach

Jennifer Lynn Mendoza, Mayor Pro Tem, Lemon Grove

Mark West, Imperial Beach Councilmember

David Arambula, Lemon Grove Councilmember

Whitney Benzian, Coronado City Councilmember

Alicia Jimenez, CEO, Hearts and Hands Working Together

Andrea Skorepa, CEO, Casa Familiar, retired

Rosaleah Pallasigue, President, San Ysidro School Board

Irene Lopez, Vice-President, San Ysidro School Board

Paula Hall, Trustee, Sweetwater Union High School District

Griselda Delgado, Trustee, Southwestern Community College District

Roberto Alcantar, Trustee, Southwestern Community College District

Nora Vargas, Trustee, Southwestern Community College District

Bernie Rhinerson, Trustee, San Diego Community College District

Barbara Avalos , Trustee, National School District 

Debbie Justeson, Trustee, Grossmont-Cuyamaca Community College District 

Armando Farias, Trustee, Chula Vista Elementary School District 

Francisco Tamayo, Trustee, Chula Vista Elementary School District 

Christian Ramirez, Community Activist

Zachary Lazarus, Small Business Owner

Mitch Thompson, Otay Water Board Member

José F. Cerda, Sweetwater Authority / South Bay Irrigation District Director, Division 2

Mark Gracyk, Helix Water District Director, Division 3

Ed Lopez, Trustee, San Diego Unified School District, retired

Gregg Robinson, Trustee, San Diego County Board of Education, retired 

Gil Cabrera, Former Chairman, San Diego Ethics Commission

Grace Koijma, San Ysidro School District Superintendent, retired

Raquel Marquez Maden, San Ysidro School District Trustee, retired

Adrian Hui, Nestor

Aida Castaneda, Barrio Logan

Alberto Perez, San Ysidro

Alfredo Arredondo, San Ysidro

Alicia Sanchez, San Ysidro

Alma Murillo, Palm City

Amparo Bolivar, San Ysidro

Amy Cruz, San Ysidro

Angel Guerrero, Nestor

Angel Rodriguez, Ocean View Hills

Angelo Castaneda, San Ysidro

Anthony Rodriguez, Ocean View Hills

Avely P. Murillo, Palm City

Bertha Alicia Gonzalez, President, San Ysidro Recreation Council

Ben Meza, San Ysidro 

Bianca Gutierrez, Nestor

Brenda Vergara, Palm City

Carlos Lacarra, Ocean View Hills

Carlos Mendez, Nestor

Carlos Murillo, Palm City

Celina Kauffman, Logan Heights 

Conchita Lopez, Ocean View Hills

David Fletes, Ocean View Hills

David Guerrero, Nestor

David Martinez, Otay Mesa East

David Regalado, San Ysidro

Edgar Gonzalez, Nestor

Edith Garcia, San Ysidro

Efren Haro, San Ysidro

Elsa Hui, Nestor

Elvira Lozano, Nestor

Elvira Vazquez Mendoza, San Ysidro

Erek Estrada, Ocean View Hills

Erika Barajas, Ocean View Hills

Esperanza Guerrero, Nestor

Estela Corona, San Ysidro

Fahari Jeffers, Labor Leader

Fidel Castro, President, San Ysidro Classifed School Employees Association

Francisco Castaneda, San Ysidro

Grissel Marvin, Nestor

Guillermina Sandez, President, San Ysidro Education Association

Gustavo Garcia Garcia, San Ysidro

Hernan Gonzales, Nestor

Imelda Jimenez, Otay Mesa West

Jazmine Galvan, Ocean View Hills

Jessica Liscano, San Ysidro

Jesus Bolivar, San Ysidro

Jesus Torres, San Ysidro

Jonathan Gutierrez, San Ysidro

Jorge Aguilar, Otay Mesa West

Jose Luis Castaneda, Otay Mesa West

Jose Rodriguez, Community Organizer

Josie Thomas, Ocean View Hills

Jovita Arellano, Otay Mesa West

Juan A. Lopez, Otay Mesa West

Juana S. Bolivar, San Ysidro

Karen Aylin Bolivar, San Ysidro

Karen Murillo, Palm City

Karla G. Macias, San Ysidro

Karla Murillo, Palm City

Kevin Rodriguez, Nestor

Lilian Camacho, San Ysidro

Linda Castaneda, San Ysidro

Lorena Martinez, Otay Mesa East

Louisa Gutierrez, Nestor

Luis M. Biebrich, San Ysidro

Luz Rodriguez, Nestor

Manuel Lopez, Jr., San Ysidro

Manuel Torres , Otay Mesa West

Marcela Wash, Ocean View Hills

Marco Cortes, Nestor

Maria A. Reed Stacey, Nestor

Maria Guerrero, Nestor

Maria Lopez, San Ysidro

Maria T. Castaneda, San Ysidro

Maribel Regalado, San Ysidro

Marlon Lopez, San Ysidro

Martha E. Lerin de Garcia, San Ysidro

Martha G. Jacobo, San Ysidro

Melissa Rodriguez, Ocean View Hills

Michael Freedman, Chair of San Ysidro Planning Group

Miguel Aguirre, San Ysidro Business Owner

Moises Aguirre, Ocean View Hills

Ofelia Angel, San Ysidro

Patty Pimentel, Ocean View Hills

Pedro Guzman, San Ysidro

Ramon Espinal, Chair, Educate For the Future         

Raquel Moran Bermudez, San Ysidro Business Owner

Raquel Nunez, San Ysidro

Raul Regalado, Jr., San Ysidro

Raul Regalado, Sr., San Ysidro

Ricardo Delano, San Ysidro

Ricardo Gomez, Otay Mesa West

Roberto Lopez, San Ysidro

Roberto Rodriguez, Labor Leader

Ruben Guerrero, Palm City

Rudie Thomas, Ocean View Hills

Salvador Gutierrez, Jr., Nestor

Sara Gurling, Labor Leader

Steve Otto, Vice Chair, San Ysidro Planning Group

Veronica Medina, San Ysidro Community Leader

Vladimir Valle, Egger Highlands

Yalile Gomez-Robles, Otay Mesa West

Yanira Torres, San Ysidro

Yeymi Gallardo, Otay Mesa West

Yvonne Marquez-Benavides, Otay Mesa East