Our Community’s Fair Share

Our neighborhoods deserve better. District 8 continues to get shortchanged by City Hall and the downtown politicians. We don’t get the same quality city services, street repair and public safety that other neighborhoods do and I’m committed to changing that. We need to start repairing unsafe streets, building more parks for families to enjoy and investing in community policing to keep our neighborhoods safe. The City’s neglect of our neighborhoods is shameful and I’m committed to fighting for our community’s fair share to get the change we need.


Helping Every Child Succeed

For too long, City Hall has ignored our kids and looked the other way while our local schools struggle to do more with less. No more. I’ll fight to expand after-school and summer programs and invest in career and vocational training to prepare students for good jobs. The city can also play a role in helping ensure every public school classroom has a quality teacher by expanding affordable housing for teachers on surplus public property so educators who dedicate their lives to our kids can afford to live in the communities they teach.

Healthy, Safe Communities

Working at a local community healthcare clinic, I see the challenges so many in our community face to stay healthy and get the care they need. On the City Council, I’ll build healthier communities by cracking down on air pollution and illegal dumping that exposes local residents to toxins. I’ll work to make every neighborhood cleaner and healthier by hiring more sanitation workers, stepping up street cleaning and pushing for faster response to public health emergencies, like the recent Hep A outbreak. I’ll fight for funding to expand local healthcare education efforts and keep community clinics open for our most vulnerable residents.

Protecting South Bay Families

Nothing is more important than our community’s safety. On the City Council, I’ll invest in community policing and increase foot patrols in local neighborhoods. I’ll expand recruitment efforts for the San Diego Police so that we have enough police on the street and focus on increasing diversity, so more police officers live in the same neighborhoods they work to protect. And I’ll fight to make sure San Diego has the strongest gun laws in California to get illegal guns off the streets and keep firearms out of the hands of dangerous people.