Antonio is a lifelong San Ysidro resident. Growing up in a working class, immigrant community, Antonio learned the values of hard work and education. Antonio attended local public schools and earned a scholarship to the University of Pennsylvania, graduating with honors with a degree in philosophy and economics.

After college, Antonio returned to San Ysidro to give back to his community and help those in need. Antonio is a Director at the Imperial Beach Community Clinic, working to ensure all families, regardless of income, have access to affordable, quality healthcare.

Active in his community, Antonio is a member of the San Diego Police Department’s Hiring Advisory Board, and Southern Division Community Advisory Board, the San Ysidro Planning Group and the San Ysidro Recreation Council. He volunteers regularly in the community with social service providers Hearts and Hands Working Together and Casa Familiar.

One of South Bay San Diego’s rising young leaders, Antonio won a seat on the San Ysidro School Board at age 27. He made history as the highest vote-getter in San Ysidro School Board history.

On the San Ysidro School Board, Antonio Martinez is dedicated to ensuring South Bay kids have the same opportunities to succeed as all other children in San Diego.

Antonio’s accomplishments include strengthening support services for at-risk kids, expanding after-school programs, rebuilding school district finances and restoring public trust in the school district.

Antonio Martinez has earned a reputation as a relentless fighter for parents, teachers and the community. On the School Board, Antonio successfully led the charge to recoup millions in taxpayer dollars by cleaning up corruption and mismanagement by past administrations. In 2014, Antonio was the only School Boardmember to oppose harmful budget cuts, standing with teachers and parents during the San Ysidro Teachers Strike.

Antonio lives in the La Mirada neighborhood of San Ysidro.