Getting Things Done For San Ysidro

Antonio Martinez is getting things done for San Ysidro.  As our school boardmember, Antonio has led the charge to strengthen the quality of education for our students, improve district finances and bring new leadership to clean up the San Ysidro School District.  Here are a few of Antonio's accomplishments:

Quality Schools In Every Neighborhood

  • Fought for more funding for our classrooms to attract and retain quality teachers.
  • Reduced class sizes to improve student learning and achievement.
  • Expanded after-school and summer programs for our kids.
  • Increased access to technology in all our schools, bringing laptops and technology curriculum to every classroom.
  • Improved health and wellness for students by making San Ysidro a 'Live Well, San Diego School District'.

Strengthening School District Finances 

  • Led the effort to refinance San Ysidro's school bonds, which will save taxpayers $50 million over the next 30 years.
  • Removed the district's negative certification and eliminated the threat of state takeover of our schools.
  • Persuaded bond rating agencies to improve San Ysidro's credit score.
  • Recouped taxpayer money improperly paid out to terminated employees.
  • Led by example by giving up his monthly stipend and donating it back to our district's general fund.

Cleaning Up San Ysidro School District 

  • Strengthened the district's Ethics policies to ensure open, honest government. 
  • Got rid of school district employees tied to corruption or incompetence.
  • Increased transparency by making school board meetings more accessible to parents and posting recordings of public meetings online.
  • Initiated a nationwide search for a new Superintendent to bring new leadership and change to San Ysidro.

Giving Back To The Community

  • Helped thousands of South Bay families get high quality, affordable healthcare coverage as a community health educator with the Imperial Beach Community Clinic.
  • Brought improvements to local parks, including new lights for our kids at Larson Field Park and increased funding for Cesar Solis Park in Ocean View Hills.
  • Active member of San Ysidro Recreation Council; San Ysidro Planning Group; San Diego Police Department Captain Advisory Board; San Ysidro, Nestor and Otay Mesa Foundation