Why I'm Running For San Diego City Council


I’m running for San Diego City Council District 8 because our neighborhoods need a fighter at City Hall who stands up for us.

Born and raised in San Ysidro, I know first-hand what our communities need: a champion for healthy families, educational opportunities for our kids, and someone who will stand up to the hate and divisiveness of the Trump agenda. 

I’ll fight every day to build a city government that’s on our side and gets our communities the services they need.

Every family deserves quality, affordable healthcare. Working at a community clinic, I have the experience to make our neighborhoods and our families healthy. As your Councilmember I will work to expand affordable healthcare by supporting community clinics, and I’ll fight to get the homeless off the street and into treatment. 

I know the value of education. I was raised by my grandparents who taught me to work hard and never take the easy way out.  The first in my family to go to college, I earned a scholarship and graduated with honors from UPenn in the Ivy League.

I came home to make a difference. As a school board member in San Ysidro, I have fought to improve schools and ensure that every child had their shot at the American dream. I have been bringing change to a broken system that had failed our kids for too long. On the School Board, I’ve exposed corruption, rooted out waste, and put the focus back on ensuring all children get the quality education they deserve.

I can do the same for City Hall. 

I’ve taken on tough fights, and I’ll take on Trump. As a border community, District 8 is at the forefront of the hate and division of the Trump agenda. Our community needs a fighter who will work tirelessly to protect the vulnerable, stand up for immigrant communities, and will work across the border to strengthen our economy.

Together, we can build a better future for our neighborhoods, residents and families.